We create PERSONAL BRANDS with INFLUENCE for CEO’s, Executives, Leaders, Speakers, Coaches, Professionals, Fitness Trainers, Media Personalities and more.

Creating the Wow Factor in Personal Branding

As an entrepreneur, business leader or media personality, a distinctive personal brand is a valuable asset that can open many doors. A great example of winning in the personal branding stakes is Oprah Winfrey, world renowned talk show host and entrepreneur.


Your personal brand is a perception, or an emotional response in others when they think of you. In other words, it describes the value attributes you stand for. By considering how best you can present yourself to the world, you are essentially the marketing director of you.


At Smith Durant, we understand that creating the ‘Wow factor’ can be challenging for many, particularly when marketing and branding is not your specialist area.

Why SmithDurant?

We understand the changing market. We know “business as usual” isn’t so usual. Today’s customers are in search of an experience that moves them to share it, post it, like it, pin it, and follow it, but first, they must connect with “IT.”


To be seen as new and original is the most important aspect of personal branding. Your personal brand must encourage the belief that you are amongst the best at what you do in some way (training ability, interaction with clients, proven results, knowledge and experience, quality presentation, etc.). Great personal brands are genuine and real. Your personal brand must be built on the truth of who you are, what your strengths are, and why you are worth the investment.


At Smith Durant, imagination and action impact reality in powerful ways. We are here to walk you through the process, guiding you as your sounding board, to crafting your most valuable asset – YOU.

Our Services

* Archetype Development
* Brand Focus Strategy
* Buyer Persona Development
* Logo Design
* Message Focus
* Personal Photoshoot
* Video Production
* Social Media Design
* Website Development
* Product Development

Here are a few authentic people we have worked with!

We believe a strong brand is provocative, profound, and authentic.