Co-Founder & CEO of Creative and Media Division

A natural ability to visualize a concept and make it happen was evident early in Michael’s career, when he made significant strides and break-throughs “learning by doing” in sales and marketing, c-level positions, and the media industry.

Michael has a range of creative and business development achievements under his belt. Working in creative and start-up environments as branding and business consultant, Michael had the opportunity to build companies from the ground up; including magazines, radio stations, apps and charity crowdfunding platforms. His diverse background has given him an eagle view of the entire business landscape, something many entrepreneurs don’t see.

Michael learned the fundamentals from clients who became his mentors, from industry elites in business, film, music and speaking, such as Les Brown, Emmy Award winning Motivational Speaker, and Emmy Award winning Movie and TV show producer Peter Wagg. Along the way, he was privileged to connect with great minds who inspired him to become a master of his craft.

Michael’s media career presented opportunities for him to interview and collabrate with icons like Dr. Maya Angelou, Grammy-nominated R&B artist Kelly Price, Movie Actress Sanaa Lathan, CEO and founder of Beats by Dre, Noel Lee, and many more.

An overwhelming desire to make a difference, and motivate entrepreneurial talent in others shaped Michael’s mission in life. He sums this up as “helping others to push through boundaries to build something that matters”.

“I believe a company or business is a living force just like humans are, and if you allow it to bloom with guided organic growth you will release its genius”. It’s not only companies with big budgets who can win significant market share, but owners and companies that are willing to invest in themselves. If they can do this with the same passion they had starting out, guided with real world experience and controlled action, they can achieve anything.

His clients find his creative genius and infectious enthusiasm uplifting. His values and philosophies center on what really matters, “engaging heads, and engaging hearts”. As a creative business mastermind fueled by ‘real-life’ experiences and a ‘what if?’ mindset, Michael has a level of perception and consciousness that captures the true essence of entrepreneurship.